We make it. It’s in there. It’s better – and it makes you better. The “it” is Beautiful Nutrition. Our products work, they work differently and they work well. How do we know? Unlike many (many!) companies we actually formulate our products ourselves, test them, produce them, ship them and everything else. Basically, we don’t let anybody else get involved in how our products are formulated or made. Our products go directly from us when we seal the bottle to you when you open it. That includes every shampoo, every drink, every pill and everything else. We believe that if somebody else makes it – you don’t know what’s in it and can’t be assured that it is great.


Nature is very tough and purely natural products by themselves are a bit weak. So what do we do? We turn to chemical enhancements – all that stuff found in your everyday products like shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotions. At first they seem to work, but eventually they damage our hair and skin so that we need to find other similar products, that are made with more chemical enhancements- to combat what the originals have done.

Beautiful Nutrition is proud to say that we are not all natural either. Yes, you read that right. Beautiful Nutrition products are not all natural. The truth is that they are better than natural, a very exacting better than natural. Keep reading.

Now that you are totally confused, think about this. Nature is great for a lot of things, for example the fragrances found in our products come from actual fruit and other nature made things. That lemon you smell, that was once a fruit growing on a tree. Are there great natural nutrients? Yes, but we use science to turn them into supernutrients, without using the bad stuff like synthetic colors, parabens, BPH/Phthalates, and animal testing, to name a few.

There are websites and news stories beyond counting that are dedicated to sharing the following message: “man-made is bad and natural is good”. The thing is that some of the most deadly toxins known are 100% natural. The point here is that both natural and synthetic chemicals need to be considered on a case by case basis for our personal health. Questioning, formulating and testing is what we do. Better than natural, that's what Beautiful Nutrition is all about.



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